William joined Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox LLP in 2016 as an in-house technical consultant, and brings more than 8 years of experience to the firm from his time spent in the chemical manufacturing sector.  With degrees in both Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, he has a diverse skill set that allows him to advise our clients on complex technical and regulatory issues.  His experience in corporate environmental, health, safety, and sustainability programs makes him intimately familiar with the challenges facing today’s businesses, and gives him the ability to suggest practical and cost-effective solutions to meet their needs. 

He brings valuable technical capabilities to our firm by quickly developing engineering plans, maps, figures, and other exhibits using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information System (GIS), and graphic design software applications.  William's knowledge of statistical analysis, Fate and Transport modeling, and environmental forensics allows our firm to make strong, scientifically-supported arguments in matters where determining the date and/or responsibility of a release is key.  In his technical reports and presentations, he is able to explain complex technical arguments in ways that are easily understandable to decision-makers who may not have extensive scientific backgrounds.  In several cases, his work has significantly altered the standing of cases to our clients’ benefit.

William’s primary areas of expertise are air permitting, emissions modeling, Process Safety Management (PSM), and emergency response.  As the environmental engineer for a batch chemical manufacturer, he applied for and maintained compliance with the site's Title V Air Permit. William also served as Incident Commander for the site's Emergency Response Team. In his role at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, he thoroughly enjoys visiting our clients’ facilities to learn the intricacies of their operations and connect with their people in order to provide the most value.   

When not at work, William spends his time skiing, playing guitar with friends, and writing and recording his own music.

Seminars & Speaking Engagements

“The New Regulations for Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks:  Strategies to Manage  Your Residual Waste” presented at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry’s 2018 Annual Environmental Compliance Conference in Harrisburg (Sept. 26), Pittsburgh (Oct. 17), and King of Prussia (Oct. 30)

"Dirty Dirt and Development in Pennsylvania: New Act 2 Standards and Their Impact on Cleanups and the Management of Fill"
presented by MGKF in Philadelphia, PA, November 15, 2016