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Our Practice

The Sustainability Directors' Roundtable is a leading forum for sustainability directors and managers to network with their peers across sectors and to share insights on best practices, new developments, and successful approaches to a range of sustainability challenges. Manko, Gold Katcher and Fox, LLP ("MGKF") administers the Sustainability Directors' Roundtable and facilitates collaborative discussion among its members on challenges, successes and new approaches to promoting and integrating sustainability in a broad range of business sectors. Over 50 organizations participate in the Sustainability Directors' Roundtable, with members representing sectors such as retail, real estate, manufacturing, health care, energy, grocery, colleges and universities, waste and recycling, architecture, financial services, transportation and telecommunications.

The Sustainability Directors' Roundtable meets several times per year. Each meeting focuses on particular topic or issue and includes both educational presentations by leading experts (including our members), as well as facilitated discussion on real world challenges, best practices and practical solutions. Some of the topics covered to date have included: metrics and benchmarking, sustainability reporting, waste and recycling opportunities, sustainable buildings operation and maintenance, renewable energy, green claims and marketing, green purchasing and supply chain management, stakeholder engagement and energy-efficiency. Special events also include off-site tours at key sites in the region that are making significant strides in sustainability.

Membership in the Sustainability Directors' Roundtable is by invitation only. Please contact Bryan Franey at or 484-430-2308 for further information.