Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox LLP Offers Clients Access to Powerful Environmental Research Tool

February 6, 2007
MGKF Special Alert

Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox LLP ("MGKF") has acquired real-time access to more than 800 environmental databases using the EDR OnDemand™ on-line tool. The tool has proven useful in the conduct of due diligence in the acquisition of new properties, corporate mergers and acquisitions, environmental audits, background research for litigation and increasingly for compliance purposes and environmental financial reporting. Research that previously took days can now be completed in a matter of minutes!

EDR OnDemand™ provides for fast and powerful research capabilities, and also simplifies the overall environmental information collection process. MGKF will utilize EDR OnDemand™ as a comprehensive source of information for our environmental research needs.

Clients are encouraged to contact either Michael Nines ( or 484-430-2350) or Darryl Borrelli ( or 484-430-2302) for specific searches in the EDR environmental database collection.