Electronic Waste Recycling Regulation on the Rise

January 16, 2008
Client Alert Newsletter Forecast 2008

Electronic waste recycling ("eCycling") efforts are increasingly driven by new federal and state requirements governing the proper recycling of a variety of electronic devices ("eWaste"). In addition to federal requirements governing the recycling of cathode ray tubes (mostly from computer and television monitors) and mercury-containing equipment, twelve states now have varying requirements related to the proper disposition of eWaste. Maryland had been the only Mid-Atlantic state with an electronic waste regulatory program; New Jersey enacted its own program in January 2008. State requirements range from fees charged either at the point of sale or directly to the manufacturers of electronic devoices that are then used to pay for or promote eCycling, to outright bans on the incineration or disposal of certain types of eWaste. Although the trend for increasing eWaste regulation will likely continue in 2008 and beyond, some question whether such patchwork, state-specific requirements will actually help promote eCycling. On the voluntary front, MGKF has been a proud sponsor of local eCycling collection events in the Delaware Valley since 2004.