PA Legislature Passes Greenhouse Gas Legislation

November 16, 2007
Client Alert Newsletter Forecast 2007

In recent weeks, both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature passed virtually identical pieces of greenhouse gas legislation. On October 31, the House of Representatives passed H.B. 110, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, by a vote of 182 to 15. Corresponding Senate legislation, S.B. 266, the Pennsylvania Climate Change Act, passed by a vote of 47-3 on November 20. Each piece of legislation would impose four major requirements on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ("PADEP"): (1) preparing within twelve months a report detailing the potential impact of global warming in Pennsylvania and opportunities for the Commonwealth as a result of the need to develop alternative energy sources and control carbon dioxide emissions; (2) inventorying all Pennsylvania greenhouse gas sources and sinks; (3) in consultation with stakeholders, producing within one year-and every three years thereafter-a greenhouse gas action plan for the Governor's approval; and (4) creating a voluntary greenhouse gas registry, where companies that choose to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in advance of mandatory requirements could record and store these credits.