NJDEP Issues Checklists for Site Remediation Submittals

August 16, 2007
Client Alert Newsletter August 2007

To improve the quality and completeness of reports submitted to the the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection ("NJDEP") Site Remediation Program ("SRP"), the SRP has issued a series of checklists for each of the major types of submissions contemplated by the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation. According to the accompanying instructions, NJDEP "strongly recommends" that the appropriate checklist be provided with a submittal. Checklists were also issued to track compliance with Industrial Site Recovery Act and underground storage tank program requirements, although the instructions only provide that they "may" accompany these types of submittals. The checklists may be found on NJDEP's website at www.nj.gov/dep/srp/guidance/srrchecklist.