New Initiatives Should Expedite PADEP's Construction Permit Review

May 16, 2007
Client Alert Newsletter May 2007

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ("PADEP") recently published four initiatives designed to improve the review process for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ("NPDES") construction permit applications by raising application quality and reducing PADEP review time. The initiatives provide for (1) simultaneous review of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans by PADEP and county conservation districts; (2) expedited review for applications with municipal or county conservation district approval and that are sealed by a Professional Engineer who has attended PADEP best management practices training; (3) clarification of existing general permit requirements and investigation of possible new general permits; and (4) increasing reliance on qualified third-party consultants to assist in preparing applications. It remains to be seen whether these improvements will have the desired effects.