New Priorities and Action Plan to Guide NJDEP in 2007-09

January 16, 2007
Client Alert Newsletter Forecast 2007

In its January 2007 Priorities and Action Plan, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection ("NJDEP") set forth its policy priorities and the initiatives it intends to implement those policies during the next three years. Policies addressed by the plan include: (1) emphasizing stewardship of lands, natural resources and open space; (2) taking a national leadership role in air pollution; (3) ensuring clean and plentiful water supplies; (4) encouraging sustainable growth through natural resource protection, smart growth, and green design; (5) addressing public health threats; (6) enhancing and restoring targeted geographic areas; (7) efficiently serving residents and the regulated community; and (8) providing a positive, inclusive and professional work environment.

In addition to the initiatives discussed elsewhere in this issue, NJDEP intends to implement these policy priorities by: (1) prioritizing and coordinating review of development and redevelopment; (2) proposing regulations for endangered species habitat protection and natural resource damages; (3) issuing new drinking water standards for perchlorate and strategies to regulate radon in drinking water; (4) providing enhanced Category One waters regulation, Total Maximum Dail Load ("TMDL") nonpoint source controls, additional TMDLs, and a strengthened combined sewer overflow control strategy; (5) executing a global memorandum of agreement with the Pinelands Commission to address wetlands, threatened and endangered species, and other issues; (6) assessing environmental and health risks of nanotechnology and endocrine disruptors; (7) obtaining authority from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to regulate certain radioactive materials; and (8) significantly expanding electronic permitting and report submittal requirements.