Katrina: Is She the 'Canary in the Mineshaft?'

November 17, 2005
Joseph M. Manko
The Legal Intelligencer

By now everyone in the United States is probably aware of the severity of hurricanes this year, with more Category 5 hurricanes in 2005 than ever before in the recorded history of hurricanes in this country. At this point, there are so many hurricanes that we ran the gamut of alphabet names; however, it is not necessarily the number of hurricanes, but their severity that should call everyone's attention to the problem. Why has this happened?

At the same time, gasoline prices have more than doubled, with little hope that they will ever return to pre-2005 prices, and the prospects for home heating oil and natural gas this winter will add hundreds of dollars to our heating bills. How did this happen?

Finally, the waste produced by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans numbers in the tens of millions of tons with no good solution to how its disposal should be accomplished. How did we get there?

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