Environmental Requirements in Place for Marcellus Shale Development

October 21, 2010
Marc E. Gold
The Legal Intelligencer

The extraction of natural resources has been an integral part of the economic fabric within Pennsylvania since colonial times. Pennsylvania is the cradle of the modern oil and gas production industry, with production covering more than 150 years since Edwin Drake drilled the first commercial oil well near Titusville in 1859. Oil, coal, natural gas, and a wide array of non-fuel minerals have been successfully brought to market by Pennsylvania industry, supplying the state, the nation and the world with fuel supplies for energy production and important raw materials that are integral to a variety of manufacturing operations.

Pennsylvania is again poised to play a leading role in energy production with the potential to unlock the vast natural gas reserves that are present in the Marcellus Shale formation that lies beneath more than 60 percent of the commonwealth. As the oil and gas industry implements new technologies and advanced extraction methods to tap these reserves of vital natural resources, the environmental requirements that govern these activities have kept pace.

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