The Green Revolution at the Local Level

June 16, 2008
John F. Gullace
The Legal Intelligencer

The average American is becoming "greener" in his or her outlook on the environment. Compact florescent lights are on the shelves of every hardware store and can be found in use in more and more homes; maybe not in every light fixture of a home, but here and there so we can feel better about own personal role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. High-efficiency and alternative fuel cars are becoming commonplace. Recycling is up and backyard composting is increasingly popular.

There is a green revolution taking place all around us, and chances are that each of us, in some way, is part of that change.

People want to have a positive impact on the environment; they're doing it at home and they're trying to do it in their local community. From where I sit as the chairperson of my township's environmental advisory council (EAC), I have seen an explosion of interest in local environmental initiatives. Just five years ago it was rare for residents to attend and present environmental proposals at our EAC meetings. Today, there is a seemingly endless stream of residents with environmental concerns and proposals for the EAC to consider. This huge increase in interest led my EAC to develop an environmental action plan for our township.

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