Commitment to Diversity

MGKF recognizes the need to promote and embrace diversity in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, age, mental/physical abilities, and sexual orientation. One-third of our partners are female and one third of all firm lawyers are female, two of whom are members of a minority group.

MGKF has been named a Law360 “Ceiling Smasher” and was ranked 23rd nationally for its percentage of women in the partnership based on firms with less than 100 attorneys. While many law firms’ partnership ranks are still dominated by men, MGKF’s female partners account for nearly 35 percent of the partnership. 

Law360’s 2020 Glass Ceiling Report found that women make up 37 percent of all attorneys, but just 25 percent of partners nationally.  At the top level of a typical U.S. law firm, women account for only 22 percent of equity partners, but at MGKF 38.9 percent of the equity partners are female, which landed the firm in 8th place for firms with 20-50 attorneys.

Partner Shoshana (Suzanne Ilene) Schiller received a 2017 Diversity Award from the Diversity Law Institute (DLI) at the Diversity Law Institute Summit & Awards in Philadelphia. DLI Diversity Awards are given annually to a select number of individuals, law firms and companies who have at an elite level promoted, enhanced or supported diversity and inclusion in the profession of law.

MGKF is a proud member of the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group. Further, to demonstrate our support of diversity initiatives, we have endorsed as a firm policy, the Statement of Diversity Principles adopted by the American Bar Association. 

We are honored to support the newly created Pennsylvania Bar Association Environmental & Energy Law Section (EELS) Minority Law Student Scholarship of the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation.  The first scholarship recipients will be announced in April 2020.  

The firm established a Diversity Committee in 2011. The team is comprised of one of the firm's founding partners, the Managing Partner, as well as three other partners (1 male and 2 female). A female partner heads our Hiring Committee, which is committed to implementing proactive steps to reach out to minority candidates, particularly in our recruiting efforts at law schools. Given MGKF’s prominence in the fields of environmental and energy law, MGKF strives to promote diversity for the historically under-represented in these rapidly growing fields.

Photo ©2013 Avi Loren Fox Photography