Photo of Danielle N. Bagwell
Danielle N. Bagwell Associate

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Danielle Bagwell is a litigation associate with Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

T: 484-430-2322
Photo of Rodd W. Bender
Rodd W. Bender Partner

T: 484-430-2317 | Email

Rodd Bender focuses on environmental due diligence and transactions, brownfield remediation and development, and compliance counseling involving waste management, storage tanks, and other programs.

T: 484-430-2317
Photo of Darryl D. Borrelli
Darryl D. Borrelli Technical Consultant

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Darryl Borrelli, senior technical consultant, brings over 25 years of experience to direct our technical practice area.

Technical Consultant
T: 484-430-2302
Photo of Brielle A. Brown
Brielle A. Brown Associate

T: 484-430-2332 | Email

Brielle Brown is an associate with Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP.

T: 484-430-2332


Photo of Cemone R. Cali
Cemone R. Cali Paralegal

T: 484-430-2307 | Email

Cemone Cali is a litigation paralegal at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

T: 484-430-2307
Photo of Kate  Campbell
Kate Campbell Partner

T: 484-430-2316 | Email

Kate Campbell focuses on environmental, toxic tort, and class action litigation, federal and state Superfund matters, and water pollution matters.

T: 484-430-2316


Photo of Stephen D. Daly
Stephen D. Daly Partner

T: 484-430-2306 | Email

Partner Stephen D. Daly concentrates his practice on environmental litigation.

T: 484-430-2306
Photo of Michael  Dillon
Michael Dillon Partner

T: 484-430-2335 | Email

Michael Dillon concentrates his practice in regulatory issues relating to air and water, real property and environmental litigation.

T: 484-430-2335


Photo of Robert D. Fox
Robert D. Fox Partner

T: 484-430-2312 | Email

Robb Fox has 30 years of experience in federal and state Superfund matters, environmental litigation including toxic tort defense, brownfields redevelopment, site remediation, and compliance counseling regarding waste and water regulation.

T: 484-430-2312
Photo of Bryan P. Franey
Bryan P. Franey Partner

T: 484-430-2308 | Email

Bryan Franey concentrates his practice on the environmental compliance and permitting, regulatory enforcement, remediation, and transactional matters.

T: 484-430-2308


Photo of Brenda H. Gotanda, LEED AP
Brenda H. Gotanda, LEED AP Partner

T: 484-430-2327 | Email

Brenda Hustis Gotanda is experienced in environmental compliance and permitting, regulatory enforcement, sustainability and renewable energy, remediation, due diligence and transactional matters.

T: 484-430-2327
Photo of John F. Gullace
John F. Gullace Partner

T: 484-430-2326 | Email

John handles environmental remediation and transactional matters, and has extensive experience with environmental litigation, ADR, and administrative challenges. He is co-practice leader of the firm's New Jersey practice and is active in the firm's Superfund practice.

T: 484-430-2326


Photo of Kelly A. Hanna
Kelly A. Hanna Associate

T: 484-430-2301 | Email

Kelly Hanna is a litigation associate with Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP. 

T: 484-430-2301
Photo of Julie G. Hayes
Julie G. Hayes Marketing Director

T: 484-430-2352 | Email

Julie Hayes, the firm's Marketing Director, plays a key role in our outreach, public relations, website management, seminars, and other special events.

Marketing Director
T: 484-430-2352
Photo of Will  Hitchcock
Will Hitchcock Technical Consultant

T: 484-430-2356 | Email

Will advises clients on complex technical and regulatory issues.

Technical Consultant
T: 484-430-2356
Photo of Jessica D. Hunt
Jessica D. Hunt Partner

T: 484-430-2338 | Email

Jessica concentrates her practice on environmental transactional matters and regulatory counseling. 

T: 484-430-2338


Photo of Mary Anne C. Jaquay
Mary Anne C. Jaquay Chief Operating Officer

T: 484-430-2357 | Email

Mary Anne C. Jaquay is the Chief Operating Officer of the firm.

Chief Operating Officer
T: 484-430-2357


Photo of Todd D. Kantorczyk
Todd D. Kantorczyk Partner

T: 484-430-2359 | Email

Todd Kantorczyk counsels on regulatory compliance, litigation, and transactional matters, focusing on wetlands and stormwater permitting, chemical regulation, air, climate change, and energy.

T: 484-430-2359
Photo of Jill Hyman  Kaplan
Jill Hyman Kaplan Partner

T: 484-430-2315 | Email

Jill Hyman Kaplan has broad experience in corporate compliance counseling, environmental aspects of development and brownfields redevelopment, auditing, and OSHA.

T: 484-430-2315


Photo of Dylan G. LaMorte
Dylan G. LaMorte Associate

T: 484-430-2318 | Email

Dylan LaMorte is a litigation associate for Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP.

T: 484-430-2318


Photo of Joseph M. Manko
Joseph M. Manko Partner

T: 484-430-2310 | Email

Joe Manko has more than 40 years of experience in environmental issues for development, compliance, and business transactions, as well as alternative dispute resolution involving environmental issues. 

T: 484-430-2310
Photo of Brandon P. Matsnev
Brandon P. Matsnev Associate

T: 484-430-2328 | Email

Brandon Matsnev concentrates his practice on environmental litigation and regulatory compliance matters.

T: 484-430-2328
Photo of Giselle F. Mazmanian
Giselle F. Mazmanian Associate

T: 484-430-4587 | Email

Giselle joins Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox’s regulatory and transactions team after working as an environmental, energy and natural resource senior associate for a leading Canadian law firm.

T: 484-430-4587
Photo of Carol F. McCabe
Carol F. McCabe Managing Partner

T: 484-430-2304 | Email

Carol McCabe counsels clients on a broad range of environmental matters, including permitting, regulatory compliance and enforcement matters relating to air emissions, storage tanks, stormwater, wastewater, and hazardous waste.

Managing Partner
T: 484-430-2304
Photo of Nicole R. Moshang
Nicole R. Moshang Partner

T: 484-430-2324 | Email

Nicole Moshang’s practice focuses on litigation implicating environmental laws and regulations, and complex commercial claims arising out of environmental issues and transactions, often in multi-party cases with unique interests.

T: 484-430-2324


Photo of Michelle D. New
Michelle D. New Paralegal

T: 484-430-2323 | Email

Paralegal Michelle New focuses on both litigation and regulatory matters for the firm’s environmental law practice. 

T: 484-430-2323
Photo of Michael  Nines, P.E., LEED AP
Michael Nines, P.E., LEED AP Technical Consultant

T: 484-430-2350 | Email

Michael Nines, P.E., uses chemical industry and environmental engineering expertise to assist clients and attorneys on a wide range of environmental compliance and transactional issues, including brownfield redevelopment, site remediation, water, waste and air issues, compliance management system implementation, and chemical regulation.

Technical Consultant
T: 484-430-2350


Photo of Shoshana (Suzanne Ilene)  Schiller
Shoshana (Suzanne Ilene) Schiller Partner

T: 484-430-2354 | Email

Shoshana Schiller (she/her) represents Fortune 500 companies at Superfund sites nationwide and handles a wide range of environmental disputes, including those involving cost recovery and contribution, contractual breaches and real estate transactions. 

Photo of Diana A. Silva
Diana A. Silva Partner

T: 484-430-2347 | Email

Diana Silva concentrates her practice in environmental litigation and regulatory compliance matters.

T: 484-430-2347
Photo of Alice Douglas Solomon
Alice Douglas Solomon Associate

T: 484-430-2313 | Email

Alice Douglas is a litigation associate with Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP.

T: 484-430-2313
Photo of Jonathan H. Spergel
Jonathan H. Spergel Partner

T: 484-430-2309 | Email

Jonathan Spergel handles environmental aspects of transactions, brownfields, funding, compliance, and litigation.

T: 484-430-2309
Photo of Matthew C. Sullivan
Matthew C. Sullivan Partner

T: 484-430-2305 | Email

Matt Sullivan counsels on compliance, litigation, and transactions including brownfields and enforcement cases.

T: 484-430-2305


Photo of Natalia P. Teekah
Natalia P. Teekah Associate

T: 484-430-2333 | Email

Natalia advises clients on regulatory compliance, transactional due diligence, contaminated site redevelopment, land use, and solid and hazardous waste matters.

T: 484-430-2333
Photo of Garrett D. Trego
Garrett D. Trego Partner

T: 484-430-2321 | Email

Partner Garrett Trego is an environmental litigator and regulatory attorney with experience in state, federal and administrative courts across the country. 

T: 484-430-2321


Photo of Katherine L. Vaccaro
Katherine L. Vaccaro Partner

T: 484-430-2329 | Email

Kate Vaccaro focuses her practice on air quality and remediation and advises clients on a range environmental matters, including regulatory compliance, enforcement and permitting. 

T: 484-430-2329


Photo of Richmond L. Williams
Richmond L. Williams Senior Counsel

T: 484-430-2314 | Email

Rich serves as Senior Counsel at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox.

Senior Counsel
T: 484-430-2314