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Diversity candidates are encouraged to apply.

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Great teams like MGKF don't rely on talent alone and know that success comes from the shared experience of passionately chasing the same goal.  MGKF epitomizes this belief.
The message is clear:  MGKF is a special place to work.

Heather Kemp, Summer 2019

Summer Associate Program

Each year, Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox (“MGKF”) is looking for the top law students across the country with an interest in a career-long pursuit of excellence in environmental and energy law.  With more than 30 years as a leading national environmental law practice, MGKF aims to recruit the very best future lawyers and to train those individuals on the key principles of the environmental law industry.  Our primary office is located just outside of Philadelphia, and we aim to recruit law students with a willingness to settle in the Philadelphia area long-term.  If you are at the top of your class and have high standards and a creative mind, we would like to meet you—and you would probably like to meet us. MGKF attorneys are smart, focused, creative, and enjoy a unique balance between their work and the rest of their lives.

About the Program
We recognize that our summer associates are our associates and partners of the future, and we regard the summer program accordingly. As a boutique environmental and energy law practice, our summer program is kept generally small, up to a maximum of four law students—a mix of 1Ls and 2Ls. This size allows us to provide each summer associate with a high level of individual attention and to tailor legal work uniquely to each associate’s areas of interest. In addition, it affords each summer associate an opportunity to work closely with attorneys at all levels of experience, from senior partners to junior associates, and to gain invaluable mentoring from these different experiences. Summer associates get to know our firm by getting to know our entire team, not just a few representative lawyers.

Our firm strongly believes that professional growth and development at all levels are important components to the success of our practice. As such, we provide our summer associates with diverse training and development opportunities. We typically begin our summer session with a two-day introduction to environmental and energy law, with nearly a dozen mini-courses directed by our attorneys.  This introduction provides our summer associates with background information on our practice areas, as many of our summer associates have yet to complete a law school course on environmental law.  Throughout the program, summer associates participate in additional training courses and in our weekly training lunches for the full legal and technical staff, where current and emerging practice issues and business developments are discussed.

Timothy Johnson quoteSummer associates are assigned work typical of that performed by a first- or second-year associate, with additional guidance appropriate to the student's level of experience. We endeavor to provide our summer associates with a broad spectrum of assignments, which may include, among other things, (1) litigation matters, (2) regulatory and/or transactional matters, (3) site remediation matters, (4) client counseling, (5) negotiations with government agencies, (6) contract drafting, and (7) research and analysis.  In addition, we provide summer associates with numerous opportunities to attend, observe, or participate in out-of-office proceedings such as hearings, depositions, meetings, or conferences. Research and writing are also important components of the summer associate experience at our firm. We work with the students to develop their skills in these areas throughout the summer. By the end of the summer, summer associates typically have produced several written work products, which have been reviewed by senior lawyers, and have had direct interactions with the firm's clients.

We understand that constructive feedback is invaluable to our summer associates and believe that it is a critical tool for development of our future lawyers. Therefore, in addition to providing feedback during the course of assignments, at the conclusion of each assignment the assigning attorney will meet with the summer associate to review performance on the assignment and provide constructive guidance. Further, each summer associate receives individual, formal evaluations both at mid-summer and at the conclusion of the summer program.  Each summer associate is also provided with summer mentors, typically one associate and one partner.  These mentors help our summer associates feel a connection to the firm and offer guidance and support throughout the summer.

Benefits of Being on the Team at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox
The benefits of being a summer associate at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox are many. The "open door" culture of our boutique firm means more meaningful interaction with all members of our firm, from junior associates to senior partners. Our compensation package is competitive with larger general practice firms in the region. There is a warm, collegial atmosphere throughout the office.

We offer more than just work experience during the summer. During the summer, our summer associates are encouraged to participate in a variety of social and recreational activities with the lawyers and staff, such as concerts, baseball games, museum and local history tours, golf, dinners in town or at partners' homes with lawyers and their spouses, and many other social activities. In addition, summer associates are invited to attend functions of environmental organizations and bar associations that typically occur during the summer. At the conclusion of your summer at MGKF, you will know many of us individually and understand our philosophy of practice.

How to Apply
For information on how to apply to our summer associate program, please see our Law School Recruiting page, or contact our hiring partner whose contact information is listed on this page.


Brielle Brown, Summers 2020 and 2021
My experience at Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox was outstanding despite an ongoing pandemic and time of uncertainty for many law students.  I was provided with ample opportunity to not only improve my legal skills, but to also connect with colleagues to gain insight about their professional journeys. I appreciated the time partners took to read over my work and provide feedback about what could be improved. Although much of the work was virtual, it was extremely evident that that family-oriented spirit of the firm was stronger than ever. As a rising 3L, I could not feel more prepared about my future legal career after my summers with Manko Gold.

Isaiah Kramer, Summer 2021
The firm has done an exceptional job of exposing me (and the other summers) to a host of substantive legal issues that span regulatory, litigation and transactional practices.  I think the program is unique in that summers work directly with partners on virtually every assignment and the partners make themselves available as mentors.  As someone who did not come into the program with a validated interest in a career in environmental law, the program provided an invaluable survey of the field—which is far more expansive than I think most law students recognize.

Omar Khodor, Summer 2021
A student interested in environmental law would be hard pressed to find the scale and quality of environmental lawyers like at MGKF.  Given the firm’s far-reaching reputation, I was exposed to complex environmental issues involving many different types of clients.  Despite the full schedules of all the employees at MGKF, the entire firm made every effort to connect with summer associates during the pandemic. Short Zoom catch-ups, longer outdoor lunches, and a comprehensive tour of the Navy Yard allowed the other summer associates and myself to connect with firm technical consultants, associate and partners.  As a result, I didn’t just research and learn about isolated legal questions. Rather, I learned from cradle-to-grave, how an environmental legal issue is resolved.

Andrew LeDonne, Summer 2019
You don't get lost, left behind or forgotten at Manko Gold. For each assignment I was given, I never felt trepidation about approaching the assigning attorney with questions. I received substantive feedback on my work product, not only directly on the matter at hand, but on how I could improve the quality of my work moving forward.

For those considering spending a summer at MGKF, my advice is simple: Do it. You will learn more here in one summer than you thought possible and at the end, you will regret having to return to school. 

Peyton Carper, Summer 2017
Although I knew nothing about environmental law going into the interviewing process, I felt “at home” right away with MGKF.  I was able to develop my research and writing skills while working closely with partners and associates on real life assignments that would otherwise be done by another attorney.

More importantly, I grew as a young professional and MGKF helped me understand what I want out of a legal career. There is a wealth of skills, knowledge, and resources here and everyone seemed genuinely happy to mentor and share advice. I also really admire the workplace MGKF has created--one that promotes and supports the success of women in the workplace.

Kiara Vaughn, Summer 2016
Spending my first summer with Manko Gold was an outstanding introduction to the legal world that exceeded all of my expectations. The work, even though in a niche area of law, was varied and substantive. I was not once given an assignment that did not have a critical and meaningful impact on a client. There were opportunities for site visits and conference calls so you can see your efforts put into practice. Partners and associates alike devoted time to provide detailed feedback on your written and oral work. The dedication to professional growth combined with the interaction with so many nationally recognized legal minds made my summer at Manko an excellent starting point for my professional career.

What makes this firm truly special and unique is the collegial atmosphere. There is truly no better word than familial to describe the vibe the firm has. The ability to work with people who care just as much about your personal life as they do your professional life is invaluable. Manko Gold has found a way to maintain a perfect balance of both a professional and relaxed culture. I could not be any happier with my summer experience.


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