Vapor Intrusion From Regulatory, Technical, and Legal Perspectives

an ABA webinar

June 7, 2016

Kate Campbell, a partner with the environmental, energy and litigation firm of Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP (“MGKF”) located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, will participate on a webinar panel on “Vapor Intrusion from Regulatory, Technical, and Legal Perspectives” for the American Bar Association. This program will take place on June 7 from 1:00-2:30 EST. 

There has been a significant evolution in the science and technical understanding of vapor intrusion in the last 15 years. These issues are poised to become a dominant driver of investigation and remediation at sites potentially impacted by volatile compounds. This program will present a 360 degree view of vapor intrusion issues from the technical, regulatory, and legal perspectives.  During her portion of the presentation, Campbell will address potential concerns for site owners (and counsel representing them), including site reopeners, toxic tort and property damage claims, workplace exposure issues, and implications for real estate transactions.  She will also provide practice pointers for managing vapor intrusion risks from characterization through to mitigation and remediation.

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