Trump Administration’s Infrastructure Agenda Could Also Push Permitting Reforms

January 23, 2017
Jonathan E. Rinde
MGKF Special Alert - Forecast 2017

As a builder and property developer, President Trump focused on the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure as one of his campaign platforms.  Whether it be the nation’s roads and bridges, public water systems, airports, railways, ports, telecommunication systems or pipelines, the condition of the country’s infrastructure has been a source of concern for many.  And according to President Trump’s campaign website, “[i]nfrastructure projects across the U.S. are routinely delayed for years and years due to endless studies, layer-upon-layer of red-tape, bureaucracy, and lawsuits—with virtually no end in sight.  This increases costs on taxpayers and blocks Americans from obtaining the kind of infrastructure that is needed for them to compete economically.”

Since President Trump knows all too well the hurdles faced by real estate developers in pursuit of a project, it should come as no surprise that while his administration pursues an increased focus on infrastructure, there may be a tendency to reduce or eliminate the “red-tape” which many associate with environmental regulation.  In this regard, his campaign website states that the President would “link increases in spending to reforms that streamline permitting and approvals, improve the project delivery system, and cut wasteful spending on boondoggles.” Many will be watching as President Trump moves forward with his agenda on infrastructure.