Women of CERCLA: Building a Community within a Community

December 14, 2020
Shoshana Schiller
For the Defense, a DRI publication

The environmental bar is a relatively small one. The Superfund, or CERCLA, bar is even smaller. This sub-group of lawyers, who hail from all over the country, represents clients at contaminated sites across the nation. Even before the age of COVID-19, that meant that most of their work was done by email and over the phone, often in conference calls with dozens (or more) attorneys who are both adversaries in litigation and partners in cleaning up the site, making for a  unique dynamic. The number of women who represent clients in Superfund matters is significant and steadily growing. 

Learn more about the Women of CERCLA in the December 2020 issue of For the Defense, a DRI publication for the defense, insurance and corporate counsel.

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