Environmental Forecast: A Look Ahead at a Busy Biden White House, a Packed Agenda at DEP, and What it Means for Pennsylvania Business and Industry

March 29, 2021
Katherine L. Vaccaro, Esq. and Jessica D. Hunt, Esq.
Catalyst - a publication of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry

Months before inauguration day, then-President Elect Biden started promising an agenda rife with environmental protection initiatives.  Now, just weeks into his presidency, Biden is delivering on that promise. Of course, the national headlines are all focused on federal issues, but here in Pennsylvania, we can’t lose sight of what the state Department of Environmental Protection has planned for the Wolf administration’s last full year before the next gubernatorial election. All in all, we expect nothing short of a dynamic year during which businesses would be wise to stay informed and ready to respond as evolving environmental regulatory programs start to take shape at both the federal and state levels.

Read MGKF's Katherine Vaccaro and Jessica Hunt's environmental forecast in this month's Catalyst - a publication of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry.