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Photo of Joseph M. Manko
Joseph M. Manko Partner

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Joe Manko has more than 40 years of experience in environmental issues for development, compliance, and business transactions, as well as alternative dispute resolution involving environmental issues. 

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Photo of Brandon P. Matsnev
Brandon P. Matsnev Associate

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Brandon Matsnev concentrates his practice on environmental litigation and regulatory compliance matters.

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Photo of Carol F. McCabe
Carol F. McCabe Managing Partner

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Carol McCabe counsels clients on a broad range of environmental matters, including permitting, regulatory compliance and enforcement matters relating to air emissions, storage tanks, stormwater, wastewater, and hazardous waste.

Managing Partner
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Photo of Michael M. Meloy
Michael M. Meloy Partner

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Michael Meloy applies legal and engineering skills to a broad range of environmental litigation, compliance, and transactional issues, including brownfields redevelopment, site remediation, water, waste and air issues, natural gas exploration and production, and compliance management systems.

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Photo of Nicole R. Moshang
Nicole R. Moshang Partner

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Nicole Moshang’s practice focuses on litigation implicating environmental laws and regulations, and complex commercial claims arising out of environmental issues and transactions, often in multi-party cases with unique interests.

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