Marketing Secrets to a Boutique Law Firm's Success: One Firm's Story

September 24, 2019
Stacy West Clark
The Legal Intelligencer

Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox is celebrating its 30th year as one of the country's leading environmental, energy and land use law boutique firms. Its success is not an accident, but rather one crafted by three decades of strategic marketing and hiring practices. Starting with just seven lawyers, the firm now boasts 32 attorneys who only practice environmental, energy and land use law--- but most importantly--in every single facet of those practices. While the firm started off with a strong regional presence, its work is now nationwide, and clients include Fortune 100 companies. Since opening its doors, its revenues have increased ten-fold.

Stacy West Clark, special to the Legal, sat down with members of the firm recently, to understand how the firm has flourished— particularly when it resides in the same geographic space as several mega AMLaw 100 firms in Philadelphia boasting strong environmental law practices. 

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