2019 Environmental and Energy Law Forecast

January 14, 2019
MGKF Special Alert - Forecast 2019

Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox takes a look at some of the key issues to watch in 2019 at the federal level and at the state levels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

For a -pdf of the complete Forecast click here.

The Trump Administration and EPA in 2019
Carol F. McCabe, Esq. and Claudia V. Colón, Esq.

Superfund Task Force Update
John F. Gullace, Esq.

NSR Reform Update
Michael Dillon, Esq.

Federal Circuit Courts to Address Climate Change Claims in 2019
Kathleen B. Campbell, Esq. and Garrett D. Trego, Esq.

The Birds and the Bees - Update on Endangered Species Act Protections
Jonathan E. Rinde, Esq.

Hazardous Waste e-Manifest System Implementation Update
Michael C. Nines, P.E., LEED AP

2018 Supreme Court Cases Suggest Narrow View of Agency Deference Under Chevron
Shelby L. Hancock, Esq.

Applying the Environmental Rights Amendment in 2019
Thomas M. Duncan, Esq.

Update on Revisions to Pennsylvania DEP’s Management of Fill Policy
Michael M. Meloy, Esq., Darryl D. Borrelli, Michael C. Nines, P.E., LEED AP, and William Hitchcock

Pennsylvania Storage Tank Facilities to Navigate New Regulatory Requirements in 2019 
Rodd W. Bender, Esq. and William Hitchcock

Pennsylvania’s Clean-Up Standards – Are More Changes on the Way?
Darryl D. Borrelli

PADEP to Consider Draft Air Emission Rules for Existing Oil and Gas Sources
Todd D. Kantorczyk, Esq.

Climate Change Petition Calls for Cap-and-Trade Program in PA
Thomas D. Duncan, Esq.

Proposed NPDES Program Fee Amendments
Megan A. Elliott, Esq.

PFAS Action Team Update
Michael C. Nines, P.E., LEED AP

Final Rulemaking for Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards Could Come in 2019
Shelby Hancock, Esq.

Changes in the Offing for the NJ Site Remediation Reform Act?
Bruce S. Katcher, Esq.

Establishing Standards for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Levels
John F. Gullace, Esq.

What’s in the Air in New Jersey?
Carol F. McCabe, Esq.

New Jersey Taking Steps to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Michael Dillon, Esq.

New Jersey and Natural Resource Damages in 2019
Nicole R. Moshang, Esq. and Maria C. Salvemini, Esq.

Environmental Justice to Take on Increased Importance in New Jersey
Bruce S. Katcher, Esq.

New Jersey Stormwater Developments – New Utilities Legislation and Regs?
Bruce S. Katcher, Esq.

DNREC to Promulgate Revised Coastal Zone Act Regulations in 2019
Stephen D. Daly, Esq.

Climate Change and Brownfield Redevelopment Remain Focuses of Carney Administration
Stephen D. Daly, Esq.

New Stormwater Regulations Set to Take Effect in Delaware
Stephen D. Daly, Esq.